Saturday, April 2, 2011


How should I describe this week?One word:exhausted!.
It has been a hell of a week.So many assignment,not to say my freaking practicals which need to pass up every friday.Argghhhh!Can the lecturer give me time to "breath".

Thankfully,I've done all the assignments and practicals....and already pass up to my lecturer...Take that,mr kuppu!
I start to sing the "we are the champion" song when I've finish my assignment.I know "wth" right? Even my room mate was looking at me in a weird way...Sorry ayien,I cant help the way I feel!Hehehe

Anyway,this past few days,I have this kind of weird feeling about my boyfriend.I feel like he hiding something from me,I feel like he cheating on me....I dont know.I'm confuse with the feeling I'm having now...Is it real?or is it just my feeling?Hurmmm...Someone used to told me,if you feel like you dont have future with him,dont waste your time....*sigh*

One more thing...some of the people in my class start to "tickle" my nerve when they listening to the music on their phone and turn on the volume as if everybody want to listen.Gosh,can you buy headphone or mp3 player,you disturbing my ears.
I'm not enjoying the song you play,thank you very much...I cant even understand the lyric.
Not only that,when our lecturer shows agar culture picture in the book they cant wait to have it and when they have it,they look at it as if the books belong to them.Oh,come on!And when I have the book,one person say "Eh,I havent get the book yet?".Be patientla,I also just got the book.Just because I'm a very tolerable person,so I gave the book to her.

Kalau ada yang baca benda ni dan ada yang terasa...terus terang aku cakap aku bukan nak gaduh tapi sebabkan blog ini aku yang punya so suka hati aku nak tulis apa ....


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