Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boy: Knock Knock

Girl: Who's there?

Boy: Marry

Girl: Marry who?

Boy: Marry me

You guys might think why I start my blog with this dialogue?The reason for this is because of this song

I've been playing it over and over again until I get stuck up with this song and fantasize about my boyfriend singing it for me .Hahaha,what the hell.It just so sweet.This song makes me smile and my heart start to become flowery flowery(is there such word?).His voice and the guitar sounds perfect.It makes me calm and relax.For me,I like this song compare to bruno mars-marry you song.Well,this is just opinion.

Hurmm,tomorrow is monday and everything will be back to normal.So boredla...I dont like to go back hostel and go to class.I just dont know why.How I wish this whole things can be over FAST!Nothing can excite me to go hostel and class tomorrow.When I go back my hostel,I feel so bored.There's nothing for me to do.No TV,no internet...I feel like living in the dessert accept there got water,food and not much of sand.I miss home when I stay at my hostel.Some people say to me "your house is near and every week go back but still got homesick".Well,to be honest I cant even last there for 1 hour!I've been pushing myself to go there.*sigh*.I know,now is the time for me to live independently but I just cant live with people who cant understand me.I dislike people who cant see other people side and their world only revolve around themselves.It's like they've been like in their own imaginary world where his/her is the only living things there.

My mom knows why I feel like this and been giving all this advice for me to keep on going.I pray god will give me all the strength to keep going despite all the things I've to gone through now.

I'll try to be patient as patient as I can be.I do believe this "what goes comes around".So,if one day you feel like the way I feel now then you know how hurt it can be!


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