Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello everybody :).How you guys doing?I hope all of you feel fine.

It been so long long since my last post.I'm just not in the mood to blog in this past few months.That's because I'm busy working 8 hours a day.During my off day,I just rest and hang around in shopping mall.Now,I'm not working anymore.I already resigned from ichiban boshi.I must say,there's a lot a lot of things I learn from that restaurant.I learn that's not easy to earn money.I see the foreign workers working 12 hours a day,just to earn RM 800 a month.I see them survive in my own country with that salary.Though,I earn more than them but I stilll think my salary is not enough.I realize that life is tough and I must be grateful with what I have.

Mr paing already left malaysia and go back to his hometown.On 5th of june,I send him to the airport together with my mom and bro.Thank you mom and abang ajim:).I hope my paing is doing well there and come back here as soon as possible.Ngar min ko chit t,thet paing oo.

Mummy,thanks for your advice and the support you give me.Without you,I dont know what I'll do.

My 2 girlfriend also help me a lot.Sarah and najlaa cheer me up.We go to theme park and make ourself dizzy.They come to my house and we watch korean movie,baby and I.Najlaa cant stop drooling over geun suk in that movie.Go shopping with them and take so many picture.Thank you so much siti nur najlaa and sarah nadia.

mummy dearest♥


Lepas ini,dah masuk college jangan lupa saya di sin,Sarah&najlaa♥


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