Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's been so longggggg since the last post.I miss my blog eventhough it looks very deserted and boring.

Well,I have been working for almost three month.It doesnt seems long right?but the experience I gain is like I've been working there for three year!There's one guy in ichiban boshi.His name is thet paing oo a.ka my dear.He's a very nice guy.I also get along with people who's older than me.So,I have to treat them with respect.I have to talk nicely with them and listen to them because they are older than me.There's this husband and wife,I call them ah ma and ah pa.They also nice to me.Treat me like their daughter and always give me advice when I cry.

I thought,I'm too young to do this job but why can nic(same age) can do this job and I cant.I do feel like quitting this job.I dont think that's a good idea because I need the money to pay for my college fees.If I dont work,I'll trouble my mom to pay for my college fees.Government university is cheaper than private college.Well, of course!But it's not easy to enter government university.Your result must be really goodie goodie good and I dont think my result is that good.

I hope my best friends didn't get angry with me If I cant reply to their message,answer their call,reply to their comment and turn them down when they ask me out.During my off day,I usually spend my time with my family because they can feel like I've spent less time with them especially my dad.

But it's okay.I only going to work there until april.So that,I have a month to rest before I enter college or university.Not only that,may is also a very special month for me.So,I want to spend my time with my love ones on that month.;).I really miss you guys.I feel overwhelmed when you guys said you guys go to pavi to visit me at ichiban boshi but sadly you guys cant find me.It's okay.As long as you guys still remember me,I'll be strong enough to work there until april.Hehehe.


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