Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've been on hiatus for a long time and I think I must update my blog before my blog start to look very deserted.It looks like one to me now!
Seeing other people so semangat updating their blog makes me want to update mine though I have no interesting topic that I want to talk about.*screw me*

I dont really have time to update my blog and sometimes I'm just too lazy to update it.Since today I've got free time and the most important thing is my trial exam finish and the last paper was add math 1.*gasp*.My english essay is so bad.That even the stray cat feel like want to puke when it read my essay.I dont know what I'm mumbling about and when I told my mom about it she was like "why your essay is not related to your point?".What to do mom I went blank that day.I saw this one guy,his essay were so long and full.I got intimidated by it which lead to me writing about some nonsence thing in my essay paper.*pure idiot*.During my exam week,my time table become very kelam kabut already.I slept around 12 a.m and wake around 5.Then straight go to school around 7 o'clock.Only god know how tired I am.My back is killing me.My room is messy.Books and paper everywhere.So you can imagine how my bed looks like*grinning*

The never ending homework,undone project,lazyness,fasting month,exam makes me wanna call tanjung rambutan and send me there.I thought,after my trial finish there's no homework but sadly my BM teaches just give us like 5 sheet of homework paper to do during raya.THANK YOU SO MUCH but too bad I'm so not going to do my homework.I have the right to enjoy this raya.Muahahaha.

Today it's the time I go through and check my friends blog.See whether the gossip about me or got latest gossip.Suprisingly,among my homeslice the only person that update her blog often is miss ph'ing ph'ing.*Big round applause*.

Well to be honest,I might not going to update my blog after this until December.But who knew,it might be earlier than that.It's not like anyone care whether I update or not.

Oh yeah before I forget,taylor swift dont worry you deserve to win that awward.I dont why kanye have to disses taylor in front thousand of people.Are you of your mind or you are just trying to get other people attention?Cheap publicity!Go fly kite!


Anonymous samantha said...

BABE! hahaha. so long never visit yr blog eh! you didn't change yr layout b4 this. it was the SPCA thing so I didn't know where to click to go to yr blog. you lar. i so smart punya person! hhehhe.. hoi update lar. wanna know how yr doing in yr life! pls? hehehehe...

anyway. i love to blog lar! so cannot resist myself not touching my blog. hahaha. but you hardly visit my blog and leave comments edi these few months! sad. :( hehehehehe. oh well! love you alyaa! :) update pls!

December 16, 2009 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Geeeee,you knowla how busy I am nowadays.Sometimes,I cant even find time for myself to relax.I need to go to reflexology.My feet is killing meee!!!!

Sonme of the customers there are very fussy and mengada-ngada.I feel like kicking their ass.

December 23, 2009 at 1:02 AM  

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