Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I gain weight!

Today,I go meet this tailor that have been jahit my baju kurung since I'm 9 years old.She said that I've gain weight.T_T.Is this true?My self esteem is very low and I hate it when people start to talk about my weight.What can I do?I cant control my weight.I try to diet but it didnt work out.

I will not go to pharmacy and buy those slimming pill.I dont want to ruin my health.My father ask me to exercise but I'm just to tired and lazy to exercise.Everytime,when I get back from school I feel very tired,hungry and sleepy.I have no time to exercise.My homeworks "exercise"me already.

*sigh.I dont know.God,I'm so stress right now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

alyaa babe!.. I don't think your fat.
honestly. if you think you are.
think of the bright side. your hug-able!! =)

and since when physical appearance matter to you? your great in the inside. why care so much bout the outside. and don't listen to that aunty tailor of yours! she can go die and become a pig in her next life! hmph.

take care babe! ignore aunty tailor the pig. =)

June 10, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

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