Monday, May 11, 2009

**Sorry guys,I'll update about my birthday later.

1.I want to dedicate this song to my partner in crime,my hubby,my groomie,my bitchy,my best-best friend,my friend,my smelly family and to those who wish me happy birthday

"I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life"

As I turn seventeen today,I think this song suits me.

It takes me two weeks to update my blog."Thanks" to the exam.I can feel my head is getting bigger and bigger until at one point I'm blank and go gugugaga around the house.Even my my mom noticed it.Anyway,I'm here to blog about my birthday.Nothing much to talk about.So let just jump to the present part.I received necklace from rachel,milka chocolate from suk koon,ear ring from afiqah,a mini house which you can put candle in it from sher leen and a birthday cake from aisyah hata.You might asking,what parent give to me as my birthday.They belanja me makan and said I can order anything I want.You should look on their face,when I order the foods.What to do mamam and dada,you daughter love to eat one.(I'll post the picture later)

So,this afternoon,I was in the bus when there's two sucker that cant stop shouting and cursing.Sucker number one was sitting beside me and I feel like pulling his hair,slap him and push him outside of the bus.But I dont want to create a scene or to cause someone death.So,I just look outside the window and be patient but still cursing inside.Sucker number 2 ask sucker number 1

sucker 2:Weyh,yang dekat sebelah tu kau tak nak?
sucker 1:Yang ini,untuk malam-malam bolehla
sucker 2:Untuk sapa?
sucker 1:untuk kaula.


sucker 2:Do you "want" the girl next to you?
sucker 1:at night time only
sucker 2:for who?
sucker 1:you

What the fuck man.I dont even know who you are and you suddenly talk shit about me.Do you have brain?or you brain somwhere inside your ass and it's made up of shit.

I didnt mean to curse but I just cant help myself when I think of it.What an awful things to say!


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