Saturday, April 11, 2009

My other half,lola was diagnosed with scoliosis.When she first tell me about it,my heart beating stopped and I feel like I was dreaming.I think maybe it's because she dont want me to scream or cry like hell so she tell me about it at pavilion food court.But still I'm trying to figure out about scoliosis.I asked what is scoliosis and she asked me to google it.So,I go home and google it but I've got like a short information about this disease or maybe because I'm misspelled the word.Now,I know what is scoliosis.On 2nd of april,she had her spine surgery.Only god knows,how I feel that time.I keep on looking at the clock and my mind cant stop thingking about her.The day after,I called her mom and asked about her.When she said lola is stable,I can feel I'm breathing again.Phewwhh.On that saturday,we go and visit her.She's still in ICU and before we enter the ICU there's two things we need to do.First,we need to cover our shoes with a shoes cover(I dont know what it call).Second,we need to spray our hand with the antibacteria liquid thing which nickyta force me to smell it and I'm so dumb to follow what she said.The smell is not that bad but It'll make your head spinning for awhile.I bought her the round shape balloon with "get well soon" message on it,famous amos cookies and a polka dot cardigan.

Last thursday,me and my homeslice go and visit her again.But this time,ph'ing,jun wu,kok onn,vain and hoong tet also go and visit her but they go first.Only god knows,how hard for me,aisyah and sarah to stop taxi.I show my 5 ringgit but none of the taxi stop.In my mind,I was thinking about getting half naked.Hahahaha.But thanks to this one taxi driver who is kind enough to stop and drive us to prince court.I mean that is what they supposed to do.Stop and conveys passengers between locations of their choice.When we get in the hospital,the air from the aircond strike us.Go to najlaa ward and I'm getting so excited.What the hell right?But I'm so happy to see she is healthier than last time.

Nice sandwich

I look funny in all of the picture.That's the reason I dont smile so "sincerely" in front of the camera.My eyes will be so small and looks like I'm going to poop.Whateverla as long as my friends look good in the pictures.
I love you Lola!


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