Sunday, March 15, 2009

I thought my computer got problem because it cant connect to the internet.I was so freaking mad.Internet+me= so call best friend.So,without my so call best friend I rather rest in peace.Hahahaha.What the fuck,I'm so emo.So,I complained about this problem to you know who,my pity dad.Not only him,I actually complained to all of my family even to my cat but it didnt response to my complain.That time,I realise that my cat is mean.So,my dad ask me

Ayah:Did you check the connection
Me:Yes,I already check it for a billion time.
Ayah:I'll call my friends and ask him to check this computer

Later my mom ask me

Mak:Hurmmm,why dont you check the LAN setting
Me:Nope.There's nothing wrong with my LAN setting

Then my brother comes to my room.Click start then control panel then network connection and the connection is disable instead of enable.My brother and my mother make this "what the hell" face.It was nothing but because of the stupid disable thing my computer couldn't connect to the internet.Boo me for not knowing about it.I dont know even know that the network connection thing do exist in my computer.What the hell I'm so lame.

I should stop being a moaner.Think before you moan.What the hell!


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