Friday, February 20, 2009

Intervention weeks

Day 1:Bahasa malaysia and english exam.Not so bad.BM is quite tough.The question ask us to make an essay more than 360 words but my essay is less than 300 words.Hahahaha.

Day 2:Mathematics and history.I'm thinking about suicide.History is so damn hard.That choon kit guy who is lately lost his sense of humour told me that he didn't read for history but when he do his essay is like so damn long.Really frustrating.Mathematics is kinda easy for me.I dont have to use the calculator because got not calculation.They test you on the formula only.

Day 3:Physic.I'm preparing for suicide.Freaking hard.Serve me right because I didnt study earlier.This is the effect of study at the last minute.I glanced at suk koon's paper and she can answer almost all of the questions.Makes me feel stupid.

Day 4:Biology.I'm digging my own grave.The topic I read didnt come out in the exam.Some luck huh?*sigh.

Day 5:Add math.I die already.It is hard for me but I think it will be easy if you do a lot of exercise a week before the exam.One boy ask miss lydia is the quetion numbes 2 corrcet.She doesnt know because she's an english teacher.So,she ask me whether I got the answer for question number 2.Almost all of the student in the class look at me and I feel so hesitated to answer the question since I just hantam,I replied "yeah but I'm not sure of the answer".Of all the student there,I'm the one she asked.Haih......

This week,I learn my lesson:DO NOT STUDY AT THE LAST MINUTE.


Look what I found at rachel's blog

"GOD made a woman out of a man's ribs so a man's ribs is actually incomplete on one side n so a guy must find a girl who has the exact rib from him to ensure both couples stay happily forever"

-Rachel's handsome biology tuition teacher-

Make me said "awwww,that is so sweet" but it is not easy to find a guy who has the exact rib as mine.I dont know from whom I stole this ribs from.Pity that guy,one side of his ribs has been stolen.Gomenasai dude!Hahahaha

But the way,kak hanisah send me this photo

I told her I have this panda eyes because of the exam.I dont get enough sleep and next week I have oral test with my hoochie coochie group and also chemistry,agama exam.
Wish me luck.Hahahahaa.

Have a nice weekend everybody....!


Anonymous samantha said...

yea meh? add maths yr the one who send me all the tips eh..
hahaha! by the way.. number 2 I couldn't get the answers too... stupid eh me? =D

hahahaha..!! that was my biology teacher too.. eh.. very leng chai wan leh.. =S

February 24, 2009 at 8:51 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

I know!I mean I should've study hard since I've got the tips.The person who give me the tips will feel sad since I fail my add math.

I dont know but racel also said the same thing.No wonder you guys study real hard for biology.Ngeh3!

February 25, 2009 at 6:26 PM  

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