Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm almost fell off the chair this morning.This morning,I was chit chatting with miss lola.It was a normal chatt.We fight,argue,laughing,say stupid things.Well,it is me actually not her.She started to photo sharing.She post many TVXQ picture.She will only collect those hot pictures of them(TVXQ members).But none can make my eyes sparkle.

Until she start to send me this picture:

Not my favorite picture of him.He looks like a vacuum guy to me but a hot one.Hehehehe

But this picture makes me crazy.I cant take my eyes off him.Even though he looks sad but he is still hot.I adore his new haircut.So kawaii.

Another sad picture but I still love him.If he trying to catch my eyes with this looks and a little bit of flirtatious smile,I'll be drooling on the floor.

I'm a fan of shim changmin.I dont know what about him that I love.Maybe because when he smile the eyes will be uneven.Hahaha.People,love is blind.LOL

That's all people.See you next time.Enjoy your weekends.....


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