Friday, December 12, 2008

Mak:handsomenya hero Twilight ni!!

Me:Bolehla tahan.Tapikan diorang potong part yang make love tu.

Mak:Ha'ah,tula yang tak syok tu

Me:Tapi kalau tengok CD maybe tak potong

Mak:Hah,kita beli CD nak


Well,after watching the Twilight movie,I could say the movie is cool and amazing even though some of the American think it was a low budget movie but for me it is the most amazing vampire I've ever watch.I must say that almost all the Malaysian blogger is talking about Twilight movie including me.

Did I forget to mention that I actually watch this movie with my parent and they think the movie is cool also.*I thought they going to condemn it because they never like the movie I choose but not Twilight.My mom now have a crush on Robert Pattinson.It is a bit funny though because my parent is the oldest in the cinema.Hahaha.

My mom is a bit disappointed because they cut out the make love scene and I am sure my mom is not the only one disappointed,right girls?.For me,it is a good thing because we don't know maybe a 5 years old kid might watch this movie with him/her parent and ask them what are they doing and the parent will answer "They are just 'playing' around.Just close your eyes dear.".This close eyes things remind me when I was 5.Me,mom and my cousin watch this movie and there this make love scene.My mom ask us to close our eyes without knowing why.I was 5 okay!I thought we were playing game or something.I am such a dumb kid.Now only I know why.Ngeh3.

Oh yeah,about the boleh tahan thing.I know some of robert fan might say "what,boleh tahan?He is beyond boleh tahan.He is so handsome" ladies,I do think robert is adorable but not handsome.Chillexla,I'm robert fan too.Hehehe

Wow,that is how I start my blog after I've been not update it for quite a few days but who cares,nobody even bother if I update it or not.Hahahaha

I can say many freak things happen to me this few days.

I'm freak out when I go to tuition find out that I'm the only girl in the class.Where's the girls?.5 boys and me.It is getting freakier when teacher ask me this

Teacher:Izzati,do you like poligami?


Teacher:Maggie mee suka tak?

Me:I just nodded my head

It is weird for me to answer this question.It is the same feeling when edward look at bella during biology class and bella thinks that she smells funky because edward is covering her nose.Accept for me the boys didn't cover their nose,they just look at me in a very curious way.I know how bella feel.*wtf

Yeah,my brother call me "eeeeee macam stupid dumb dumb" because I did something not so smart with my hairband.Blekkkkkkkk

I must say that lately I've got this weird look from men.Not all of them but some of them.They look at me in a very weird way and I wonder "Did anyone post my nude picture?".Hahahaha

There's this group on facebook call "stop poking,lets have sex".Bahahaha.I was laughing when I see it.


Blogger aL-HaNis said...

aliaa syg, dlm buku twilight tade part yg make love la. kiss je. buku no 4 (breaking dawn) baru ader. hehe. so sblm beli CD pk dulu. haha

December 18, 2008 at 4:33 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Yakah.Saya ni tak suka membaca.Tengok movie aja.Hahahahaha

December 18, 2008 at 7:12 PM  

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