Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello my friends!How are you?I am fine!Thanks for asking.Hahaha*wtfla weih

Lately,I am just too lazy to update this blog because I dont know what to blog about.I hate to squeeze my rusty brain to come out with interesting thing for people to read or else they think this blog is just a waste of time.Hahahaha.Before I make new post,I think of something to blog but when I click new post button,the idea start to fly-fly away.Dont know where it goes and I end up blogging about my mom driving me crazy.Hak3

Last thursday and friday,I'm on a vacation to singapore with my "hot and cold" family.We stay at Johor Baharu and we need to take taxi to go to singapore.Vacation punya pasal,I am willing to walk eventhough I feel like my kaki almost tercabut and I can hear my bone started to "krekkkkkkk".Gahahaha*Just kidding
Singapore currencies is freaking high.1 dollar singapore=RM 2.40.Gosh,with 2 ringgit 40 cent I can get one roti canai and ice kosong here.Hahaha.So when we go there,we are being thrifty.We only buy something that so expensive in malaysia but singapore can get it with affordable price.I must say,singapore punya robbinson is slightly cheapla compare to robbinson in malaysia and most of the thing they sell there you cannot get here.But,I still love my country.Malaysia boleh!

Here is some of the photos I take at singapore!

Me:ey,why your nose looks very weird
Brother:Shut up.Let me pout first.

Look how busy is the orchard road during christmas!

Hahaha,what the hell.=.="

I love those fatty-fatty doll.Wtf.

Erkkkkk,he can be very disgusting sometime.Oh wait,not sometime.Anytime is the correct one

When my mom start to pout.Bahaha.Nola,actually she was talking about something in a very vehement way.

Hahaha,cant stop laughing when I see this picture.The way my dad smile looks like first grade student picture in the school magazine.

Well-well new year evela today!Time goes by so fast before we even realise it.Next year will be my haunted year.I'm the victim for SPM 09......*sigh

My 2008 reviews:

Family:We welcoming my future sister in law to our family and officially will be our new family member because she and my 1st brother is getting married next year.Around july,I guess!
This year,my parent quarrel a lot.But not that seriousla.Now they quarrel five minutes later things back to normal.Haih,what can I say.2008 makes me change my opinion towards my 2nd brother.Before this,I always think he is such a jack ass and so annoying and I feel like he is the most selfish person.But this year,I think he is kinda cool eventhough he can be very ass hole sometime but most of the time he is a funny person.His jokes always makes me laugh.Hahaha.Guess what,he also very good at gossiping.Gossip boys!

Friends:This year,I make a lot of new friends.When I first enter 4 science 2,I thought that I am not going to make any friend because I dont know anyone there accept for suk koon and sher leen but that time we are not that close.NOW,very close like glue and I'm missing them.Hahaha
As time goes by,I started to make friends with those people that I dont know and they are very cool,funny and kinda silly.Not only that,I also become so ngam with people before this I am not close with such as sammy,suvitha,sher leen,suk koon etc etc.I also make friend with new student,her name is rachel and now we are husband and wife.Hahahha

Love:Nothing much to say.Like amy winehouse sing "love is a losing game".Well I guess is true.I learn that we need to let go of the person if they dont have any feeling towards us.Or in my case,just forget about confessing your love to your crush when he doesnt know that you are actually exist.Dont waste your time.Find someone who can appreciate you!Why do we need to wait for them.There is alot of guys out there.Just open your eyes and your heart.One more thing,dont go looking for love;let it find you because that is why it's called falling;you dont mean just do.

Study:*dum dum cheng.I practice last minute study.Compare to last year,I study a week before exam and end up getting 2A only.Kids,dont be like me.Study hard!Hahaha

Financial:*another dum dum cheng.Very bad accept during hari raya because I got a lot of angpau.Now,no more already because I spend my angpau money on revision books and other things.*hahahahha,revision book.Nerd wannabe.Poyo gila!

Life:Full with up and down.Eventhough I always said "I rather die" or "mampus aku kerja sekolah belambak" but in the end I still survive.Hahaha.

I end my last blog for 2008 with this quote by Edith Lovejoy Pierce*who the hell is this guy?

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day. "

and I also want to say

Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year, Happy Easter, Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween & Happy Birthday. Now bug off and don't annoy me for the next 12 months!!!!Hahaha


Blogger aL-HaNis said...

uiyooo. Singapore dollar lebeh kurang OZ dollar je.

January 6, 2009 at 6:44 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Hahaha,boleh dapat 1 roti canai dgn ice kosong.Kenyang!Hahahah

January 9, 2009 at 5:53 PM  

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