Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday,Lola,Alyaa,Makiyo and Aisyah which in short it will become LAMA*Clap-clap
watch this Japanese movie title "10 promises to my dog" which at first makiyo is wondering is there such movie.Hahahaha.Me and her keep on changing our mind and at last we decided to watch this movie.

This movie is not so badla even though there's only 8 people in the cinema.Imagine 2 pair of couple and 4 of us.Must say,that we are the loud one in the cinema.The couple only god knows what they are doing at the back.But there this one girl who crying very emotionally and the boyfie try to calm her down by hugging her and wipe her tears.We got to watch free movie.Hahahhaa.And,I go "awwwww,how sweet" when I see that.Guess what,she is not the only one me,lola and aisyah (who started crying from the beginning of the story that makes me LOL and end up I'm crying too) cry too.The end part is so sad.I feel it because it reminds me of my cat call "Machap".It is a very weird name but we love it because it so fatty and very cute.I miss my "little brother".

Well,I guess it's not like we are the only crying.There are some reviews I read which this user said that she cry like hell.I feel you girl.T_T

Synopsis of the story

Akari is a 14-year-old schoolgirl living in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. One day, a puppy wanders into her yard, looking lost and frightened. She is a Golden Retriever with white paw markings. Akari names her Socks. Akari's mother consents to her keeping the dog but only after she agrees to keep 10 Promises to Socks . Akari enthusiastically assents and the two begin their journey of growing up together. Akari finds herself having to overcome many changes and challenges: the tragedy of her mother's death, father's sudden resignation, coming-of-age, first romantic feelings, career ambitions and her independence. But at every step, Socks is there to provide unquestioning love and support.

The poster:

Awww,the puppy so cute.Look at the eye.

All of us agree that this 14 year old Akari looks like makiyo and we all cry when the dog die

10 years later

After the crying,we go get something to eat and camera whoring.I wonder why they call it camera whoring.Why not posing instead of whoring.

I dont know what Makiyo tell Aisyah.But what I am sure is me and Lola is not looking at the camera
The 3 beautiful girls
You know how I love candid picture.Ngeh3
Sleepy aisyah,the poyo me and the I dont know what she look at lola

Laughing at makiyo and aisyah jokes.Thanks to lola who takes this picture secretly
Aisyah try to shoot me and the sexy awek mini skirt makiyo

And this time I am the only one who looks at the camera!
The 14 years old akari is in malaysia now.Hahahaha
Samseng and gaster
No comment.Hehehehe
The best of friend lola and me

So,after that my ayah called and asked me to meet him at Lot 10.It was raining and my girls run so fast and find place to avoid the rain.And makiyo said "alyaa cant feel anything because she's wearing tudung".Hahahaha.It is right.We run baby run until we reach lot 10 and I was laughing so loud until there this one mat saleh looking at me.Hehehehe

But that doesnt stop us to cam whoring again.My girls looks "wet and wild".Yeah,baby.*wth

Girls just wanna have fun!Hahaahhaha


Anonymous Samantha said...

OMG!! glad that u girls had fun....
sooooooooooo sorry for not hanging with u alyaa bebeh!

m jealous lar wei.. if nt yr pretty photo will hav my big fat head to ruin it edi.. haha! =p


November 22, 2008 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Its okayla.I understand.

You will not ruin the picture.You will make it more fun to look.Hua3

Love you and only god knows how I miss you so much!

November 24, 2008 at 11:24 AM  

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