Friday, November 7, 2008

Well,I'm bored so I go and check my friend list in myspace.Check their profile,photo and anything that I feel like looking at.

Suddenly,I start to tell myself that this people never grown up.If only I know why I think that way.

Is it because I am jealous or I am to poyo to think that I am fully grown up when I am actually not.Ngeh3

So,I guess they are too cool to me.What can I say,from the picture they are perfect but some people said "picture lie".It is true.You can do anything to hide your pimple and fix anything on your face.I have to admit,I am like that too.Trying hard too look perfect in picture but now I feel is like I am hiding myself and at the same time ashamed of myself.Now I try to not over edit my picture.DONE!*gosh alyaa so poyola today

Well,I dont like to take photo in my baju kurung because I will look F-A-T.Well,I am actually.Blaming the baju kurung pulak.Ngeh3.But seriously,in photo when I'm in my baju kurung I look like hippopotamus!Big butt and tummy look like I am 3 month pregnant.T_T

A lot of my friend,said they want to diet and keep fit during this school holiday and I dont know what to do during this school holiday.I do care about my weight but I get insane when I eat.I dont care.No matter how many times my dad ask me to exercise,I just pretend like he was saying alyaa keep on eating.Hahaahha

Just now,my mom come and said

mom:yaa,mak baru habis tengo cerita jepun.Best...

me:owhhhhh,yeke*I'm just pretend to listen to her

mother:Yaaa,genki de suka tu apa?


mom:apa khabar*she sound so proud




mother:*keep quite.IDK why,I think she is suprise that I actually know!


me:entah.*look at my mom,Waiting for the answer

mother:Eh,apa ek?Mak dah lupala


mother:Eh,dictionary jepun tu mana?

me:*Nervous and I keep on laughing


me:keep on laughing

mother:dah hilang!

me:keep on laughing

mother;Haih,ingatkan dah master rupanya dah hilang

I'm so annoyed!Just because she is my mom,I sabar.If not,I will reply "Bite me".Hahahaha
My mom is the type of woman once she obsessed with something she will keep on digging to find the information or the answer.My god,The dictionary dah hilang for about 2 years and suddenly now she ask after watching that japanese movie.

Now I know how sher leen feel when her mom keep on asking her about the "come on,come on" song.

I dont know why people always swith off the lampu bilik air while I mandi.I think is because I mandi terlalu senyap and they think there's nobody in the toilet.Next time,I will sing loudly in the toilet so that they realize that I'm inside the toilet.

*Sigh.I am so out of topic.At first,I talk about my brain that always think some people never grown up to my mom annoyed me and now people always switch off the lampu bilik air while I mandi.My karangan so goodla.Gahahaha


Blogger m$yuKi@ZOey said...

alyaa baby u're out of topic!
dun mind wat im sayin..=P
but nvm la..since this is a free writing.
oh yea my sister said 'you' in japanese is 'anata'...
so now u can let ur mommy know.
ngeh ngeh ^^V

November 8, 2008 at 11:00 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Hahahahhaa,yeah I know and I always be.Hahahaha

Owhhhh,now I know.Arigato gozaimasu.Hehehehhe

November 8, 2008 at 11:42 PM  
Blogger m$yuKi@ZOey said...

ngeh ngeh...
tis one i learnt from alyaa my baby. HAHAAHA...
u're welcum ^^
luv ya!! muackzz

November 9, 2008 at 11:55 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Thanks hong tet.Love you.Hehehehe

November 10, 2008 at 1:32 PM  

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