Monday, November 10, 2008

Watching the Ellen DeGeneres show today.She is so funny and spontaneous.

I remember she said very funny but don't know what is it.I always so forgetful.Sorry!

Now only I know that it was actually groupies not boobies.I thought they were saying "I wanna have boobies" which make me go =.=" when I heard it.Then today Ellen ask her "is it groupies or boobies" the Nicole said "its actually groupies".I was like "owhhhhhh now I know!".Laughing at myself.*hak3.If you don't know what the hell am I saying its actually about the PCD new song,when I grow up!*freaking poyo.Better just shoot me for being so poyo

Listening to the Britney spears,womanizer and it makes me feel like dancing.
I love the lyric.I think that song is for her stupid ex-husband,K-Fed.
Finally,Britney look like herself again after all the drama she've been through.I used to be her biggest fan but after she start to become a bad girl and married to the asshole guy,I think she is not like herself again.BUT now she've changed and me likey*lol

This song make you want to sing it to your ex-boyfriend and kick his ass after that.*LOL.
I dont know about you but this is what I feel about the song.*Ngeh3

Okay,that's all for now.I'm bored and dont know what to do.

I know you're sick of me complaining I'm bored but I cant help it.I love to complain.Hahahahahha


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