Friday, November 14, 2008

My life

7.06 a.m:wake up and realize Sarah mother wait for me outside to pick me up like she always.I forget to tell her that I am not going to school today.So,I turun the tangga and my father was like shock and he realize that sarah mother is outside.So he help tell her that I am not going to school.Gomenasai ya!

7.10 a.m:Go back to sleep and I cannot sleep.I have this "wake up and cannot sleep back" syndrome.I force myself to sleep

7.30 a.m:I'm getting fed'up and wake up.Go downstairs and switch on the TV.I was hoping to watch the "whose line is it anyway" show but it is not showing.

8.00 am:Switch on the computer.Nothing interesting.Same old thing.No mood to update blog since my brain still "sleeping".

9.00 a.m:I realise that if I keep on playing with the computer I will die.So,decided to watch full house.

9.30 a.m:I am hungry.I start to goreng the chicken drumet and nugget.I just brush my teeth.Thanks god my dad didnt know about it or else he will lecture me.

10.30 a.m:start feeling sleepy and I sleep.

11.30 a.m:The phone ringing and it was my mom.Ask me to call my dad.Going back to sleep for the 3rd time.Cannot sleep no more.

12.00 a.m:Mandi and wait for my mom to come back with mcd

1.15 p.m:Mom come back.Feel so happy.Watching the Ghostbusters II movie.So damn funny

3.00 p.m:I almost die because I am so bored.So,I decide to update my blog

Going through blog to blog,I realize that my shoe size the biggest among my friend which also mean that I have big feet.It takes ages for me to find the right shoes.Mother said that my shoes look like sampan.That is why I cannot wear high heels.Imagine my big feet and high heels.I'll look like a freak.

Oh yeah this women also face the same problem:Kate Winslet, Neve Campbell, Whoopi Goldberg, Paris Hilton, Geena Davis, Uma Thurman.

I've found this on the internet and they say:
* Big feet give you secure footing. Like a tree with very deep roots. You don't fall, slip or trip over so easily.

* Big feet give you athletic ability. To run and anchor you firmly in place.

* Big feet help you kick ass. So the next time some schmuck behind a counter gives you a hard time for your feet, clobber them with one.*Friend if you need me to kick someone ass,I'll be happy to help.

* Big feet ARE more functional than fashionable. But DON'T be afraid to paint your nails, wear sandals, get pedicures and run barefoot on the beach.

and I feel like a tree right now.


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