Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Itis funny though at that time I did not appreciate what she did for me.It takes her ages to finish this and all I can say is thank you.Pffffffttt,bitchy me!Slap me for being so rude.I only put this for 2 weeks only in my profile and myspace so stupid it automatically erase it and I lost the code.

I am sorry that I didnt appreciate what you give to me and I am regret of what I do.At that time,I dont realise it until now.Maybe at that time,I am so empty and I am this bimbo,blur2 type of girl.


This is my best of friend,najlaa or lola.She do this for me and I am so sombong like didnt appreciate it.If only I know how many of her ex want her to do this for them.heheheheheehhe


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