Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today,I am not going to school.So happy.All my tired is gone.

I think so much today and I cant wait to write it.

This 2 month,I learn so many things.

I learn that you can be friend with so many people but not all of them can be "friend" to your secret.

I learn that some friend will you use you if you be really nice to them

Some friend will betray you

I know now that guy love to gossip

I learn to be friendly with people

I learn to be patient eventhough sometime I loose it

I know that some people dont like my attitude

I learn to think that if the people hate you, just let it be.Because in the end we will die anyway.And at that time what is important is our deeds to god

I start to listen to those screamo song and it was great.

I learn that so many people judge other by their face.

I must say here,that I will be nice to you if you be nice to me.I will treat you bad if you treat me bad.I will be patient but my patient has its limit.

The other day,there this one guy.He shout my friend name and me and my friend was actually going to pour some water in the pale.So,my friend go to him.I just stop and that guy was doing something with his hand.Showing the shuhhhhh........shuhhhhhhhh signal.

Oh my god,how rude can you be.I feel like shouting to him say "gosh,you think I really wanna know what you tell to her.Excuse me,I dont even want to know.Don shuhhhh....shuhhhhhh me.I am not chicken you pig".Hahahahaaha.I fell like saying that to him but I control it.

Just because I am not your friend does not mean you can be rude to me.

I hate people who treat those ugly people like me in a bad way.I mean we are gods creation too.No matter how ugly we are,god only look at one thing which is our deeds.You dont have the right to treat us that rude.

I am not popular in the school.So what?never wish to be .

I'm the ugliest in the school.I dont give a damn about it!

I cant take the fact that some teacher is also "pilih bulu".Some teacher only look at the beautiful student and leave me as the ugliest kid invisible.But seriously,I dont care.

Wanna know something?What goes around comes around.Sooner or later you will feel how I feel.

I'm not trying to be so "merendah diri" in this blog but this is how I feel and see.

I admit I have low self esteem but now I am trying to fix it.

I read najlaa blog and I feel so touched when she write she cannot live without me beside the internet and other stuff.Gosh,I almost burst to tears.*sob......sob........sob





LOVE YOU SAYANG!Hehehehehehe


Anonymous Samantha said...

haha.. pilih bulu?? pretty ppl got alot bulu ka? lol..
and alyaa dear.. yr not ugly lar.. in fact yr very adorable..
yea.. I hav d same feelings that ppl dun like me too.. especially guys..
and I dun give a damn about it..!
what's their problem anyway??! make me geram je..

you are popular lar dear.. if yr not.. I won't know u at all.. lol.. or maybe we studied in d same class b4.. but anyway.. popular ppl hav alot of stress too.. LOL.. if that helps..

dun merendahkan diri.. i know sometimes u feel that ur way diff from others.. in fact you are.. God made you that way..
so think positively dear.. hehe!

XD i love najlaa too...! we share her ok? lol.. =P

November 4, 2008 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger m$yuKi@ZOey said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

November 5, 2008 at 4:51 PM  
Blogger m$yuKi@ZOey said...

LOL pilih bulu...haha
buluss are all the same wat, nothing to pilih bout that. I think bout it in this way. All humans are special, u're special too dear! U're not ugly at all...u're so cute n kind u noe...

i used to think like that too when im down..so sad T_T Many people reli judge others on their appearance, especially guys..But i juz duwan to care la.

Cheer up AlyaA! wat makes u think that way?? i muz hentam that.
Luv u always =P

( sry ya i've deleted a comment coz got little trouble in it HaHass )

November 5, 2008 at 4:57 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Sammy:You arrr alway make me laugh you know.Pilih bulu meaning you just pay your attention to those who you think very special and leave the unspecial alone.Hak3

I know.Why some guy is so mean?I should just belasah them.But cannot.I am sure,I will end up in prison.Hahahahha

Hahahaha.Thank you*so flattened
You also very popular what.Who doesnt know the sammy the cheerful girl.

Thank you sammy.You always there when I need you.Makes me wonder if I am there when you need me?.

Hahahahha,Boleh2.But need to ask the tuan punya badan.Can we cut her into two?

November 5, 2008 at 7:23 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Zoey a.K.a hong tet:
Hahahaha,you also like sammy baby!

Thank you zoey honey.You too.
So hot and kind.

Yeah,I dont know hat is wrong with them.I used to be one of them and I hate myself that time.Now,I do care a bit but not like before.I mean we do care a bit right about the people appearance.Unless,we are really in love with that person attittude but the person is not that handsome then it is a different story.

Hahahaha,I dont knowla.Yesterday a bit moody.You knowla me always have this unstable mood.Hehehhe

I love you to zoey darling.<333

November 5, 2008 at 7:30 PM  

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