Monday, November 10, 2008

I got tagged by sammy long time ago and makiyo.Cannot live in peace.

Next time,whoever tagged me they are going to get naked.Hahahahhaa.Kidding

Starting time = 1.35 PM
Name = Alyaa Izzati Binti Aminuddin
Sisters = No
Brothers = Yes and annoying too
Shoe size = I have big feet(10).Feel like Santa Claus*wtf
Where do you live =Springfield and I have weird neighbour that look very yellowish but very famous though
Favorite drink = Apple juice
Favorite breakfast =Egg sandwich
Have you been on a plane = Yes
Swam in the ocean = Yes.
Fallen asleep in school = Yes accept during add math class.No matter how sleepy I am,I'll try my best to control it.
Broken someone’s heart =Mommy?Yes.
Fell of your chair = Yes, of course.Who doesnt?
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call =No way!
Saved e-mails = Yes
What is your room like = Dont know.My mom said It looks like sarang tikus!
What is the last thing you ate = Nasi lemak

~Ever had~
Chicken pox = Yes
Stitches = No
Broken nose = Hell no.I aint mat rempit
Do you believe in love at first sight =Yes
Like picnics = Yes because I can see hot guy.Freaking hansab
Who was the last person you danced with = Dont know.
Last person who made you smile =
My 1st bro.I cant believe it
~Today did you~
Talked to someone you like = Yes
Kissed anyone = No
Get sick =Sick of TV
Talked to an ex =Nope.
Missing someone =Nope
Best feeling in the world = No,I am so empty
Do you sleep with stuffed animals =YES
What’s under your bed = Nothing.Maybe a dead cockroach
What time is it now = 1:45 P.M

Random Questions
Q: is there a person on your mind right now = Nobody
Q: do you have any siblings =Yes
Q: do you want children = I do
Q: do you smile often =Not really,I dont want people to think I'm crazy
Q: do you like your hand-writing = Okayla.I know it's ugly and very round but IDC.
Q: are your toes painted =No
Q: whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in = My parent
Q: what colour shirt are you wearing = Blue.I've got the monday blues
Q: what were you doing at 7.00 yesterday =In the morning.Sleepingla,of course
Q: I can’t wait till = I go to indonesia with my family and till I've got my new camera
Q: when did you cry last = Yesterday because of the stupid camera problem
Q: are you a friendly person =Maybe
Q: do you have any pets = Yes but I dont consider it as a pet because I love to bully it.
Q: where is the person you have feelings for right now = I dont have feeling for anyone.Owhh maybe Changmin is at home sleeping.Awwwww
Q: did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now =Yes of course she's my mom
Q: do you sleep with the TV on = Yes.I love it
Q: what are you doing =Nothing
Q: have you ever crawled to your mother or father = Used to when I was baby.I can walk properly now.
Q: can you handle the truth = Sometimes
Q: are you closer to your mother or father =Both
Q: who was the last person you cried in front of =Mirror.Hahaha
Q: how many people can you say you’ve really loved =Many and every single of them is special
Q: do you eat healthy =Not really.
Q: do you still have pictures with you and your ex =Nope
Q: have you ever cried because of something someone said to you = Yes.
Q: how often do you go to church =Wrong question.I'm a muslim
Q: if you’re having a bad day, who are you mostly likely to go to =Friends
Q: are you loud or quiet most of the times =Depend on the situation but mostly loud
Q: are you confident =So-sola
Q: 5 things I was doing ten years ago = Having fun and dont care about anything
Q: 5 snacks I enjoy = 2 only.Potato chips and Ice cream
Q: 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire = I will do so many things with it.Donate it,belanja my parent ,go to france with my family,buy car for me and parent and buy new house for them.
Q: 5 of my bad habit = Complaining,get angry easily,always think negative,always take thing easily,believe in people easily
Q: 5 places I’ve lived in = My house,my room,kampungku,hotel and friend house
Q: 5 people tat u tagged = Lola,sammy,zoey,rachel and kak hanisah.


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