Friday, October 3, 2008

I love raya
First day was kinda bored at first but when all of my best friend(chinese) come to my house,my raya started to light up and I must say they all is very fun.So,whenever you feel bored just call 1-800-I-wanna-have-fun and they will make you go nuts.My mom also love them.She ask me to invite them next year and I said "of course".My cousin ask my aunty
"alyaa tu pergi sekolah jenis cina ke?" and my aunt answer "mana ada tapi dia ada ramai kawan cina".Funny3! I have a lot of malay friend too but they cannot come that day because very busy visiting their relative house.*sigh

Second day:I go to balik kampung.It was great but I am not that close with the relative on my father side.I dont know why but we use to be close when I was little.Sound very weird right?
There this one kid throw small thing and it almost kena my eye.I got bad temper but I must control my temper and what can I do is to smile at the little kid.I almost want to strangle that little kid but because of his parent was there I just smile if not I will strangle him until he cannot breath.So annoying......
Now I know why people hate kids it is because most of the kid is very annoying.Thanks god that the kid is not my cousin and we dont have any relationship.He is just some stranger to me.Hak3.
Not to be poyo but most of my cousin they all nice accept for one or two of them.

Third raya:go to my future sister in law at sabak bernam.Whenever I go there I will learn new thing and yesterday I learn how to make burung wak-wak trap.It was actually very easy to do the trap but for dumb people like me it is very hard.The trap is made by bamboo.This bird usually keluar at during dawn or sunset until night.Back in the time,if you want to catch the bird you need to make the burung wak-wak sound but now they only use the radio or maybe those small speaker.Nowadays is all about technology.Tangkap burung wak-wak pun guna technology.Hebat betul!

Picture of burung wak-wak

My 1st raya raya would not be complete without me cam whoring with them.Bahahaha
Here is some of the photo that I and tien hoong mei-mei or mey - mey take during the 1st raya.....

While playing truth or dare sze jing ask me this question
Sze jing:If you were a lesbian,will you marry me?
Me:Of course darling
So,this picture is actually trying to show you guys how madly in love we are*Kenerd dont cry

Sher leen(makiyo) and samantha in tudung.It was all sher leen idea and they look good in it

When all the chinese is wearing there this one malay girl that didn't wear any tudung.How bad.Just look at rachel(my groom).She was holding the tudung so that it wont kena her neck because she feel geli if the tudung touches her neck.Hehehe

I really love the photo but Sze jing look sad in this photo.Arhhhh,dont carela.I still love this photo...Ngeh3

It was actually vania butt and this is her idea.She ask us to grab her butt .She is the one who volunteer.Ha...ha.....ha....hansab*kidding

This picture remind me of the song I kissed a girl!Hahahaha.
Friendship or lust?

Hahahaa,I touch samantha forehead.Sorry ya!I didnt mean too.But I really love to touch people fohead.*Bad habbit

My groom....I love her and sze jing is showing us new style on how to wear tudung

Love is in the air......

Awwwww,love this photo.


Anonymous Samantha said...

wahahahaha!!! alyaa!! thanks for inviting me to yr house for raya! i love yr family..! so modern.. seriously..! =) next year k? take care my dear n see ya when skul reopens.. cant wait to hug u.. hee! mwah! *wink*

October 4, 2008 at 12:24 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Hahaha,thank you.You are always invited to my house.

October 4, 2008 at 8:15 PM  
Blogger aL-HaNis said...

haha so cute la u n ur frens. raya was fun eh? kat sini 1st raye jer rase cam raya. 2nd raya dah tak feel pun.

waaa saya mau beraya di rumah!

October 5, 2008 at 3:54 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Yup2,raya is fun.I love raya......
Alaaaa,sekarang kat KL pun macam tu.Raya 1st-kecoh,raya kedua-okay.,raya ketiga-dah tak da pape dah.
Jangan risau nanti I post kan you lemang!

October 6, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

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