Sunday, October 5, 2008

My name is alyaa and I am trying my best to get as close as I can with my cousin.Wanna know why?because I dont want them to think that I am so langsi or snobbish.Maybe I dont really talk to my cousin and it is actually becase I am so malu to talk to them.
Seriously,I dont know why!Whenever I am with them is like my mouth have been glue with my saliva and it is hard for me to open it and my dumb-dumb cannot stop pumping.
Sound weird,huh?I know but why should I do.It didntt happen when I was kid but after puberty I start to be so malu.

Or maybe actually I dont what I want to talk to them.I always out of word with stranger or people that I seldom meet but with my friend I always have topic.

I mean is not like I am going to sit beside them and suddenly hug them like I usually do with my friend or ask them "hey,where you get your body from?".

Sigh....I dont know
Tomorrow I need to go to school.You know how it feel to go to school on the month of raya is like a pain in the ass.I hate it.I dont know why I hate my school so much and I dont know why I hate some of the people at my school so fucking and I am wondering wcthy did people love their school so much.I dont feel like going to school yesterday.So tired and I need rest.I dont really have a real rest last week and I feel like rubbish.I dont like wake up in the morning and breakfast and tomorrow I need to meet my history teacher who I hate so much.

Owhhh,okay got to go.I need to go to sleep.I want to scream.................................................


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