Friday, October 10, 2008

Kena tag by miss yen sher leen.In class she said that I kena tag by her and I need to write 15 weird things about me.I thought she was saying 50 and I start to have this spinning star on my head."__".

But it was actually 15 onlyla.Haih,kena marah dgn my ayah because tuition supposed to finish at 5.30 but then I keluar tuition around 6 o'clock.It was add math time!What do you expect.One question takes me half an hour to finish it.Then,started to give up and just follow what teacher do in the white board.*Kuang.......kuang.....kuang.The subject is cicrcular measurement.I hate circle!
Everything is round in shape!!!!!!!Hahahaha

Okay,I must say to write this "15 weird things about you" is hard for me because I dont know which one to pick since I am a weird and cuckoo kind of person

Let stop this mumbling!

Here we go,I5 weird things about me*eh suddenly teringat lagu miley cyrus-7 things

1.I love to eat bread with sweet creamer and I also love it when my mom use the sweet creamer and write my name "alyaa" on the bread.Until now,I am still loving it.

2.I dont like to eat using this orange plastic plate.*I think it is because this plate remind me of my cat plate and when I want to eat using this plate,it will remind me of my cat food.Is like I'm eating cat food.Hahahahha.
*I will put the picture if my mom still keep this plate

3.Sometimes,When I'm in the mood to make jokes,I will sing some commercial song or cartoon song .Like today,I sing this London choco roll song and aiman said that I am sewel.*eh I thought it's supposed to be funny?

4.Usually the day before raya,I have this weird semangat of cleaning my messsy room.I wonder why...............................?

5.I dont like guys eepecially asian guys that wear this colored contact lens.Those ordinary contact lense without colour is perfect!

6.I am lazy to shampoo my hair.

7.I hate it when people ask about my rashes at the back of my palm.

8.Sometimes,I forgot to zip my jeans!Ngeh3

9.I get nervous when I saw my crush!I start to sweat like a pig and my heart start beating so fast.

10.I cant walk properly.My walk is very funny and that is why my mom and bro love to make fun of my walk.

11.I look funny when I'm grinning especially in picture

12. I love to do the robot dance and michael jackson "thriller" dance because I cannot dance softly

13.I prefer wear my watch on my right hand.I feel uncomfortable wear my watch on my left hand.

14.I dont know why but I cannot read any novel nor story books without feeling sleepy

15.I'm scared if I cannot sleep.I remember when I was 9,I cant sleep and I cry.Hahaha.Weird heh?

I dont know who to tag.............................................


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