Friday, September 26, 2008

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh*shouting like a crazy woman

I am so happy because of the school holiday and raya is around the corner.*ngeh3

I can hear my heart pumping so fast because I am so excited.

I love the feeling of bagun pagi raya because it makes me feel so peaceful and cool.

When I come down from the stairs,I can hear my mom periuk tang.....ting....tung.... and I'll go to the kitchen with my sleepy face look at the dishes.The wake me up better than the alarm clock.Hehehe.I love to eat.....

After that,I will do my duty to put the kuih inside the jar and eat a bit without brushing my teeth.*I know it sound disgusting but that one of my bad habbit that I cant buang.

Well,I want to write more but I am so lazy to do it.

This year is a bit different for me because sher leen,samantha,tien hoong,sze jing,rachel and suvitha will come to my house.*So excited.
Want to see their reaction when they eat the lontong,rendang,ketupat,lemang,sambal sotong and sambal kacang.Hehehehe

Today,is a good day for me.No homework.*phewhhhhhhhhh

I also receive raya card from my darling suk koon and my cheerful friend,aina....

Suk koon card

I dont know whether you can read it or not but the word is very sweet.She call me honey!*so excited

Yesterday,I receive raya card from my bestie afiqah

Afiqah card

I love you guys.........................<3333333333333


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