Monday, September 22, 2008

I probably shouldn't say this but it have been annoyed me like hell when I think about it.

So,today during history class,I kena marah dgn cikgu yang sangat poyo and seriously I hate him....

The teacher said I talk so much but actually Aina was marah me because I terambil kertas dia and I said sorry in a very slow tone but then suddenly this teacher looking at me and said I talk so much and keep looking at me like want to eat me.What is wrong with that teacher?

He always cakap anak murid dia bodohla and then lebih baik masuk kelas belakang.Apasal pulak?As a teacher you shouldn't say like this to your student.Yeah,I know you are not trying to be hypocrite but you take your unhypocrite manner way too far man......

I can complain about you to JPWP but as a good girl I wont do that or else you tak dapat gaji nak beli baju raya. He teach us sejarah but keep on telling us about luar negara and keep on berlagak about him being here and there....Blerkkkkkkkkk


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