Saturday, August 30, 2008

Okay,I guess this one is for sugar mama

Now japan has new accessory call japan "geisha guys".*Smiling

I must say that the geisha guy is very hot*duhh,of course

I dont think they like those female geisha that wear thick make up and look like ronal mcdonald.
This guy is handsome,have a good sense of style and romantic.Haahhaa

Most of the customer is women accept if you are a gay.Those woman is actually a professional women,have good job and rich.

In night club,they look like normal couple.He flirts and pours champagne. She looks at him and laughs.

BUT This isn't a date, though. It's business

Most of the women pay for a man to lavish them with undivided attention.

One of the male geisha said "I give women things that men normally don't do, like complimenting their appearance,I make women happy. Women see us as one of their accessories, they like to wear nice things, so I try to look prettier for them all the time."

I guess is true what they said,some of us dont even look for a relationship.We actually want man because we want to have fun and because we are sick of having fun with girls.Not for me though,I never get sick or bored when I have fun with my girls and I only want man that I can have fun with and not looking for relationship because I want to feel and see how the guy have fun.Sadly,I dont have guy friend that really fun to be with.Gahahaha*poyo

This geisha earned a lot of money.One of the geisha earned more than $200,000 last year.Walawey.........

The customer paid like almost $50,000 a night to have fun with this geisha.

The customer said "This is a gift for myself," she says. "It's the same as spending money on a trip or buying something."

When I grown up,I might be one of the customer.Hahahhahaa.*Joking

I mean I cant say no if the male geisha looks like jun matsumoto*drooling


Blogger aL-HaNis said...

yeah,true,i never get bored hanging out with my girls.on the other hand, guys bore me sometimes =p

September 2, 2008 at 8:19 PM  
Blogger Alyaa said...

Hahahaha,I know.They can be annoying sometimes.Hahahaha

September 6, 2008 at 2:43 PM  

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