Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love taking photo.When I see something very amazing to my eyes,I will on my camera and I will snap2 until my dad become very annoyed with me

Here is some of the photo that I take:


I take this while I'm on my way home after send my parent to the airport!

This one is actually a paddy leave not grass and the butterfly is my model.Hehehehe

I'm so bored so I decide to take picture of my brother amplifier.Hehehehhe

View from my room and the moon is very nice.In reality it is way nicer than this.I'm not a profesional and I dont know how to make it the picture look so real.

Main ambil sahaja yang ini but it turn out to be nice.For me......

My brother is kacau-ing my cousin which I love to bully.This girl is so syiok to bully.Hahahahaha.

Another bully-ing picture.This one is that girl little brother.He is so funny and he is so hyper active!


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