Friday, July 25, 2008


Tomorrow I will go to school because teacher said so.It is because teacher hate to see me wasting my time.Hahahahha,Nola.

Tomorrow is actually sekolah ganti so that we can holiday before raya.Yahoo,I cant wait for raya.What I like about raya is when I get up in the morning I can smell my mom rendang and sambal sotong.I must said my mom sambal sotong is so delicious.Nobody can make sambal sotong like she does and that is why when my aunty,uncle,cousin and my brother friend come to my house,they all will be aiming the sambal sotong.Hahahaha.

I dont feel like going to school tomorrow.*sigh
but what to do and the best part is tomorrow I have add math class*hallelujah
Yeah right,hallelujah.Hahahahha
And I have not done the homework she give me.

So many project to do
Biology:due by 31 july
add math:due by 1 august
math:I dont know
civic:pass up already*hallelujah
Chemistry:I dont know

Talking about chemistry,I like my chemistry teacher.She is so damn funny.The way she talk and her joke is so funny.

Last Tuesday,we have to do this experiment and after we finish the experiment,like always we will be playing with the apparatus and teacher suddenly shout "hey,hormatilah alatan itu!"Hahahahahah.I was laughing hysterically.*exxaggerated


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