Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sher leen is posting me my crush picture.Hahahahaha.She is one naughty girl

During biology class,she said "I've got a present for you in friendster" and I was like "really ha?".Then she said "eyupppp"

I can guess what is the present and it turn out to be true.Hehehehe.

I have a crush on this guy since I was form 3 but nobody know until najlaa and sher leen start to ask me.Hehehehe.This two person is the only person know about this top secret stuff.Haahhaha.

For me he is quite handsome and najlaa said he is a nerd but handsome at the same time.Sher leen said he is a good looking guy.Haahahaha

I wont post his picture because I'm scared if someone read my blog and it turn out they know who that guy is and my secret will be revealed.

Until now my crush dont know that I like him because I never told him.Eventually,we never talk before.So,when I see him,my heart goes dup-dap-dup-dap.Hahahhaa.

I'm scared if he will reject me and his whole friend will said that I am so desperate.I mean I'm not that pretty and not that cute.So,he might dump me or he will said "Can we be just friend?".Hurmmm,dont knowla.I think it is best for me to just keep the love in my heart.

BUT he will be leaving school this year and I guess I wont see him then.Maybe?Hahahaha.But when I see him,he might have a girlfriend already and I will just look at him,doing nothing but smiling because It is too late already.He might not recognise me and I might not recognise him.So,just wait and see what is going to happen.


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