Friday, July 4, 2008

Petronas family day!

Last saturday,I go to Petronas Family day.Well,najlaa is the one that invited me because her mother work at petronas.So,me,najlaa and her mom go to bangi and I must said it was fun.Eventhough the weather is very hot but I have fun going there.

The best part is najlaa mommy belanja me the coupon and makanan.Hahahaha.*Thank you auntie!Hahahahhaah

Here is some of the picture while I was there:

The clown sound very funny.Hahahahaa.I must say that najlaa is so excited when she saw the clown.=.="

This two kids were admiring najlaa work when she colour the glass art.Hahahahaa

I saw puan aida there.I was in shock.I tell najlaa.Then she was "OMG,jom ambil gambar jom"So there you go the picture of me and puan aida.She ask me what I got for my math in PMR and I said "arrrrrrrrrr,I got c" and she said "that is good atless you did not fail".Hehehehehhe

Najlaa with the friendly pirate.Seriously,the pirate is so friendly.Hahahhaha


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