Friday, July 4, 2008

Najlaa was telling me about her new hair and I ask her "macam mana style dia?" and she said "adalah,kalau nak tahu tengok sendiri dalam myspace"

and all I can say is her hair so damn rock.So speechless when I saw her photo.She looks so hardcore.So different from her old hair.Walawey man,the colour and the spiky2 at the back is so cool.

I think that hair needs to be jaga everyday.For her is o.kla because she takes good care of her hair but me no way.I dont really know how to jaga my hair.I buy the mousse,hairspray etc etc but I dont really use it.I only use it when I feel so rajin.Gahahahhaa.

But my brother is so kedekut to buy his own so he curik mine.*sigh.I guess it is better then membazir those things and let my money fly2 away.Haahhaha.wth

Yay,I cant wait for tomorrow pelitawanis hi-tea.Hehehehhe


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