Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm bored and I hate school.This might sound cliche but yeah that is what I feel now.Whenever I step in the school,I start to yawning and curse.Bukanla curse kuat2 but diam2 dalam hati.Hahahaaha.

Lately,I've been thinking about studying in Australia after SPM.Hehehehe.I always wanted to continue my study abroad but I dont know where.So,I decide to study in Australia.My mom said if I get good result,I can get scholarship and that scholarship can help me to study abroad.Haiyaaa,so hardla.I must get 9A's to get that scholarship.My mom said that without the scholarship,I just need to study in some local university.Hurmmmm,it is not like I dont want to study here but I just dont feel complete if I study here.Study overseas is my dream since I was 10 years old.When I study abroad,I can meet new people,get use to the new environment,make many friend and start to berdikari.Hahahahaa.

She(my mom) said it is not possible but she said I need to belajar rajin-rajin from now.No more lazy-lazy.Haih,that is so hard to do.I'm so lazy when it comes to read.I get bored when I read.I dont know why.I have try before to read the novel but it just dont work for me.

So,I guess,when I feel lazy going to school,I will remind myself about the scholarship.Hahahahahaaha


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