Friday, July 4, 2008

Here is the thing,as you know I've been accused farting in the class by lew win that make the whole class thinks I am so pengotor.I tell the boy to call me skunk.I mean it is better then they tutup hidung when I bangun from my chair.*wtf so rojak.

O.K,so today,cik halizan is accused me for something that I did not do.Here is the story,suk koon was asking cik alizan whether the exercise need to do or not.Then,she suddenly she shout "alyaa do you want homework?" and I was like terkejut and I feel like everybody is going to kill me.
The cik halizan continue "o.k class alyaa want homework,do formative exercise 6.2!".The whole class start to shout my name and marah me.Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,I am innocent.Why people always accuse me for something that I did not do.Do I look that guilty?Hahahhahaa

Not only that ajmal accuse me that I like Aiman.=.=" and I replied "hey Im a lebian".They believe me and said "dunia nak kiamat".Hahahahaha.Nola,I am not lesbian.I like william hung.Hahahahha.Wtf.

She bang3.

I mean he is better then carrot top or marily manson*spooky

I knowla,that boy want to cover already.I tell sarha and amira that ajmal suapkan suk koon buah.I was just beside suk koon when ajmal supakan suk koon buah.Hahahahhaa.If only I have my camera with me and capture that romantic moment.Hahahhaa.Seriously,suk koon was really blushed when ajmal suapkan buah.Gahahaha.O.K2,I was menyibuk duduk sebelah suk kook but before ajmal come and suapkan suk koon ,I was asking her about her pertalian darah with wah sim.Tgh best cerita suddenly ajmal come and suapkan suk koon buah.

When Aisyah tell sher leen about it,sher leen laughing and said "ajmal.....".*ROFL


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