Friday, July 4, 2008

Bro you are killing me

This evening,me and my first brother going out and headed to kedai telekom.So,my first bro is a bit freak and crazy.I cant stand his crazyness and I am not the only one.

While in the car,my brother saw this one korean chic.He were looking at her and suddenly he open the window and start shouting in korean.I dont know what he said.He actually just hantam all the words.Thanks god,that girl tak dengar.*relieve.But I think the car at the back must think that my brother is such a crazy monkey.I mean normal person did not do that,right????????

After that he start to curse.I dont know why.I was terkejut because he never curse in front of me before.When he start to bulshitting,I start to feel scared.Bro is sakit already!


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