Saturday, July 26, 2008

At last,I've finish my biology project*hallelujah

I do it for about 5 hour and 41 minutes.I skip my zohor prayer.*Ya Allah ampunkanlah aku kerana lalai,amin.

My shoulder is hurt because of the mouse or maybe keyboard.*wtf I sound like a dumb blonde

Conversation between me and sher leen(in the toilet)

Me:hey,why you did not tell the lah guy that you like him?Is it because you scared of rejection?

sher leen:No

Me:Owhhh.For me,I did not tell my crush that I like him(my crush) because I'm scared of rejection.I mean maybe he might said "hey perasanla engkau ni!" or maybe "I dont like you,why you are so perasan!".Haiyoooo,If he said that I will suicide.

Sher leen:Maybe he wont say that.

Me:I dont knowla sher leen.He is too high standard for me.

sher leen:you are also high standard maa!

Me:huh,ya meh!

sher leen:yup!


While on the way turun tangga to balik

Me:I think we should forget about our crush

Sher leen:Cannot,If I forget him,I will not like him anymore.It is just the fact that he got a girlfriend and I cannot tell him that I like him.

Me:Hurmm,ya la!

Sher leen:Maybe you should think about my lah guy always and I will think about your sasa.

Me:Hahahahaha,that is the answer on how to forget your crush in just 5 days.

In the bus I was thinking about sher leen idea and I just cant think about the lah guy without thinking about sasa.I dont know what to do.If only I can turn back time.Go to the time when I dont have crush on him.Walawey,now it is too late already.Even though I tell myself that I dont like him anymore but my heart will say "no,no you still like him".*scream

PUPPY LOVE............


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