Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get really bored so I go to flickr.Hehehehhe.There are so many freaking beautiful photo there.
I search for jonker street and bangsar today!There is a lot of beautiful picture and it makes me feel very happy.Hahahaha.wth

What I like about this photo:This photo is very beuatiful because the picture have it's own meaning.It is like the leave is young and fresh but the man is old and sick.
I dont know why I like this photo maybe it is because of the colour and the background.Heheheheh

*I want to post a lot more but I cannot save the picture.

This one is taken by me:
I know is not good but I try my bestla
In this picture:penang

This one is taken at sabak bernam,my future sister in law house.
In this picture:Paddy leave and butterfy


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