Friday, June 27, 2008

Say no to spit!

I dont like people who like to spit.So disgusting!It is not cool at all.What make you think that spitting can make you the man!Who said that?I'm going to kill the person now.

I mean like if you were driving.Then you saw this one car beside you and the driver open the window and spit.Would you think his the man or you might curse him!
I'm going to curse him in the carla.Cannotla bukan tingkap then maki dia nanti orang tu belasah!

So,I Google for spitting and you know this western people is so pengotor.They have this spitting competition and they even think spitting
is a competitive sport .Gosh,I am going to vomit.Cannot imagine how dirty the saliva that came out from the dirty mouth.Ewwwwwwww,Disguting much!

Spitting is a bad habit.I cant stand people who love to spit.I mean if you have a sore throat or flu.It is o.kla.I can consider.But please do not spit just because is you habit and you love to show other people how your saliva look like.=.="

I am going to make this as a sticker and paste it everywhere like the BEP does in "where is the love?" video.That one is this "?" symbol but I am going to change it to this picture.Hahahahhah.Just a dream!


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