Friday, June 27, 2008

Lew win is so bad!He accuse me farting in the class.Because there is suddenly this very smelly smell in the class and then lew win look at me and shout "alyaa,are you farting?" and I replied "OMG,NO!".But because lew win shout so loud so the whole class look at me and laughing.

So,the boys make fun of me like they always do.Before this they always condemn my favorite football team.I dont really care because I can condemn back.But this one cannot.I try my best to denied about this farting thing because if not they will remember until they die.Like always,they wont believe me.I am not going to believe it either if I'm in their shoes.I mean who is going to mengaku that they kentut in the class.Hahahahaha.Because of cannot stand anymore so I go to toillet to potty.*lol

Going back to class and make a serious face.The whole class think that I am crying.Hahahahahahahah.They've been fooled by me.I am not crying.I'm making serious so that they wont tease me anymore.Instead,they think I'm crying.So,they just quite and lew win ask me "alyaa, are you crying?".I am not replied because I love to see his reaction.Hehehehehe.
At that time,I feel like shouting "Who's been fooled now?".Ahakz!!

I am so in shocked because they really think that I am crying.They dont know that I was ketawa sorang-sorang masa pergi toilet.Haahahaha

So,they just quite and tak tegur saya.So,I was slowly talking to them and they slowly ejek me back.Moral of the story is dont you ever make a an angry face or a sad face because they might think they you were angry with them even though you were just fooling them around!Hahahahha


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