Saturday, June 21, 2008

Air batu campur

So today,I arrive at home around 3 pm.So freaking late because I need to help Ms.Lydia with the permarkahan.Gosh,she actually ask someone else to help her but because the someone cannot make it so I am going to be her prey.Her excuse is because I already have experienced with this thing.Yeah,I used to masukkan data permarkahan with sher leen before but that is because I was bored and got nothing to do.But today I needs to come home early so that my french fries still taste nice and not lembik.Hahahaha.wth!But never mind najlaa said ms.lydia might be puji me for my kebaikan.Gahahahaha.I am so full of myself.

Well,this week is o.k2la.Nothing much going on.So many funny things happen.

At the changing room after the pjk I said out loud that hidayu have this saloma hair and natasha said my anak tudung macam azean irdawaty punya anak tudung in which drama also I dont know.Yala2,my anak tudung look like ur grandma punya.It is o.kla because there are this one teacher that want to buy the same anak tudung as me.Hehehhehee

Why in the world that so many people teach me this dirty word.Do I look like someone who desperately need to learn this bad word.They said I need to learn it so that I can grown
When I was form 1,there this one boy that said this m-e-l-a-n-c-a-p / m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-on word.I did not know the meaning.So he ask me to ask my classmate which is a boy and I ask him.And the boy just laugh and ask me to ask teacher.Thanks god I did not ask the teacher or else teacher will be killing me.Hahahaha.So,I ask lola instead.

Portugal loose to germany last night.Gosh,I feel so dissapointed and the boy in the class keep saying "haahahhaa,portugal kalah".Huwaaaaaa,my father said the team just like playing around until german score 2 goal then the team stop playing around.*sigh.They can win you know because not to talk badla but germany is not that good.They loose to austria because of luck.Never mind,there is still world cup.Ngeh2.Dont loose the hope.*Ngeeeeeee

Add math is killing me.I am so pening to find the answer already.Give up.I need cikgu sree.Haaahahhaa.

I desperately need Miss J.Alexander,the runaway diva.So that he can teach me to walk properly without the kengkang.Shazrix keep on saying that I walk like someone yang pernah having sex.Gaaaaahhhhh,I am not!.Still a virgin o.k.Like najlaa said"I still hold my V card".Hehehehehe.


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